Sunday, November 7, 2010

Classy Vs. Trashy

1. Ear Muffs vs. Ear warmers.

We understand that you're cold. But there is not reason you need to look like Cheese Puff whilst walking around campus. You might as well make a fashion statement in these cold winter months.Learn how to make this adorable ear warmer here.

2. Ugg boots vs. Rain boots.
Yeah Yeah cold feet are no fun. But seriously? Do you really need to look like a homeless albino in Uggs? They're not even cute and they're so expensive. Rain boots are water proof and freakin' cute. You check out these little beauties here.

3. Slippers Vs. Toms

Nothing is more ghetto than a girl showing up to class in her slippers. We understand that campus is large so having comfortable shoes is necessary, but do they really need to be hideous. Toms are the most comfortable shoes in the worldy. Buy your own pair here.

4. Princess Backpacks vs. Grown-up backpacks

Nothing makes you look more immature than walking around your college campus and wearing a child's backpack. Honestly? Vera Bradley backpacks are more mature, and a lot more functional. Buy one for yourself here.

5. Letterman Jackets vs. Leather Jackets

Just because you're an athlete you don't have to look like a dyke. Leather jackets are just as warm, and way more flattering. Get this jacket for cheap here.

6. Tank tops and t-shirts vs. cardigans and tank tops
Okay. . . Modest is hottest. But a t-shirt with a tank top wasn't even cute in sixth grade (even though we all seemed to think it was). If you have a burning desire to wear a cami, cover it with a cute cardigan. You can find the cutest ones out there here.

7. Nasty sweats vs. cute sweats

There is a difference between wearing sweats everyday, and actually attempting to get ready. However, when you do have those days where a pair of sweats are necessary, try Victoria's Secret PINK brand sweats. They never did me wrong. I would provide a link but BYU blocks . .

8. Shirt dresses vs. Dresses

Just because you are wearing tights does not mean you can wear booty shirt dresses. Honestly, tights don't make your dress look longer. Get a classy looking dress, and people wont be scared to look at you. You can get this rustic little number here.

10. Running shoes with jeans vs. jeans and flats
Even the Kardashian's can't pull off this look. If all else fails, a pair of skinny jeans and simple flats ALWAYS looks better. trust me. You can find some cuuuute flats here.


  1. k i want those ear warmers so cute!
    alexis halladay is a gem.

  2. Cute idea for a blog.
    Totally disagree on the rain boots. I think they are as hideous as Ugg boots. Also Tom's is a super corrupt company. But YES on the tank top/shirt combo. Good job Al.

  3. So, you say that uggs are too expensive yet you link Vera Bradley and Anthropologie? At least you can get more than one outfit out of a pair of boots.

  4. um please keep this blog up. it makes me so happy!! ha